HighPoint Automation

HighPoint knows how costly not only down equipment can be, but equipment that is not working as designed. That’s why we work to develop a close relationship with integrators, tier manufacturers, and end users to prioritize communication and make sure our goals are aligned.

Automotive Automation

Automotive Automation

Getting a machine to just run is not good enough. At HighPoint, we strive for production optimization, utilizing the best technology and programming methods that yield the best results for your specific manufacturing process. We follow our customers’ machine standards, but also look for areas where improved programming or new technology could make a real and positive impact. From designing, programming and commissioning automation systems to service and maintenance, we’re on it!

Assembly Lines & Conveyors


Component Assembly

Dispensing (Adhesive, Grease, etc.)


HP Automation Piston

Flow Drill & Heat Staking

Luminosity Testing & Noise Testing

Plastic Joining

Rivnut Installation

Robot Guided Vision & Vision Inspection