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Amusement Parks

Whether it’s upgrading an old roller coaster or programming a brand new ride, HighPoint knows that in order to deliver the thrill that people come to amusement parks for, the ride needs to be consistently safe and equally comfortable from cycle to cycle.

Amusement Park Case Study
Chrome rollercoaster

Amusement Park Automation

As a people centric industry, safety, comfort, and reliability are the top priorities for Amusement Park automation. Details like controlling the start and stop of the ride make a big impact on the comfort of the rider. Having the ability to monitor the status of the system to quickly identify and respond to problems are what can turn a human moving machine from good to great. From designing, programming and commissioning automation systems to service and maintenance, we’re on it!

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Ride Control

Ride Status Monitoring

Safety Sensors

Amusement park takes rides to new heights with enhanced safety & controls